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AEM Consultation and Development

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a content management system that optimises the authoring, management, and delivery of content and digital media.

AEM has consistently outperformed its competitors and bridges the gap between creating content and offering an omnichannel experience personalised to your customers’ needs.

The current trends of being digital-first and available across channels make AEM a critical addition to your tech stack.

The adoption of suites over point solutions indicates the market’s choice to take flexible and easy-to-use suites, such as Adobe Experience Cloud, over best-of-breed solutions.

The Adobe Experience Cloud increases the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager, offering more opportunities to sync data and resources across systems.

  1. Flexibility & Scalability: makes the process easier of getting your content across many sites, hundreds of users, countless visitors, and dozens of languages

  2. Best-in-class Tools: is repeatedly ranked as the leading CMS tool and also integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud, a leader in digital commerce

  3. Easy-to-use CMS: offers inline editing and drag-and-drop functionality, among many other features to help your marketing team boost their productivity

  4. Personalised & Content-driven Experiences: delivers a best-in-class B2C and B2B shopping experience, supported by integration with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to create an unparalleled marketing machine

  5. Versatility: has an adaptable platform with a fast roll-out speed and is flexible to support various digital business models

  6. Simple Add-on Functionality: allows you to use add-ons through third parties and Magento marketplace—it also has a large developer community, creating additional enhancements and models

  7. Meet Customers Wherever They Are: Customer behaviour is always changing. With AEM, you can update your content from one location to keep up with your shoppers’ fluctuating needs and interests. New assets can be published across channels by one user.

  8. Improve Speed to Market: AEM removes complexity from workflows. It simply makes the process of managing, creating, and distributing content easier. Built-in workflows connect Adobe’s Creative Cloud to Adobe Experience Manager. It allows users to move newly created items right into their campaign. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  9. Making your teams’ lives easier: enables users to access data related to your assets, templates, pages, projects, and more.

  10. Helping your team be glocal (target customers locally, manage globally): push campaigns from your global team to local sites with greater ease and control. AEM also facilitates easier localisation of documents through assessing documents and where human intervention might be necessary to add the right touch.

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